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When you rent a holiday apartment  in Tavira you are well placed to visit several beautiful beaches in and around the area.

Isla de Tavira

From the apartment you can walk down to the riverside and catch a ferry over to this pristine blue flag beach.


 The journey itself is a pleasure and you can do some bird watching on the way.


 There are lifeguards,sunbeds and umbrellas to hire and all important bathroom facilities if you have children with you! There are many restaurants where you can treat yourself to a seafood lunch. But best of all is the beach itself-golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see-walk a little way down the beach and you can have your own piece of paradise.


There are loads of shells to collect and the sea water is refreshing.

If you have forgotten to bring your bucket and spade don't worry there are a couple of small shops on the island.    

The ferries go back and forth all day-but you can also take a water taxi if you need to get back in a hurry. If you don't want to walk from the apartment to the ferry you can take the bus-the station is 5min walk from the apartment-and it will leave you at Quatro Aguas for the shorter ferry ride over to the island.You can also drive to Quatro Aguas there is plenty of parking.

New this year at the Ila de Tavira is the inflatable water park moored off shore. For €6 you can don a life jacket swim out and have some fun. Children under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult.







Barill Beach

If you drive beyond Santa Lucia you can park your car and take a trip over to Barill beach.New this year they are in the process of developing a cycle path from Santa Lucia and have now created a large car park where you must pay for parking.You can either walk along the path that leads to the beach or you can take the old fashioned train across which is exciting for children big and small! If you don't have a car a taxi will cost you €8 from the apartment to get to where the train leavesFrom Barill beach,it is possible to walk all along the beach back to the Ila de Tavira beach and from there you can take the ferry or water taxi back to Tavira.We did it this summer taking the 0830 train over.It took just over 2 and a half hours to walk as far as the ferry stop back to Tavira town with a stop for coffee and doughnuts at Terra Estrieta(opens at 0900) and a swim.It is about a 7km walk best done early before it gets too hot!



 Barill is also a blue flag beach and has facilities such as lifeguards,shops,restaurants,bathrooms with showers (€1),sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

 At Barill beach you can see the famous 'Anchor graveyard'.


 It is a monument to the very successfull tuna fishing industry which once thrived in this part of the Algarve.


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 Terra Estrieta

 This beach is accessible by boat from the town of Santa Luzia.The little ferry departs three quarter way down the sea front just past Canto Azul restaurant.You can buy tickets from the kiosk and the boat goes every 15 minutes.


 You can rent sun loungers and there is a small bar serving drinks and snacks.



 Praia Verde

This is a beach you can drive to-it is signposted off the EN125 just west of Monte Gordo and from the apartment takes 20mins to get to.It is once again a blue flag beach and the golden sand stretches into the distance.It is particularly popular with families as the shallow water is great for small children. There is a backdrop of pine trees which gives the beach it's name and they can give some welcome shade if it is very hot.

There is a lovely restaurant right on the beach which serves all kinds of seafood-the prawn fritters are particularly good and you can always take a long walk before or after dinner.


 Cabanas Beach

 The beach of Ilha de Cabanas is just a short boat trip across the waters of the fact at low tide it is possible to swim across! Luckily there are also several water taxis and a ferry along the sea front promenade running frequent crossings.




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